Best Free PC Games

The Best Free PC Games For 2019

The Best Free PC Games For 2019:

Over the years, the videogame industry has invented new forms of distribution. We have gone from buying everything in physical format to start buying digital editions for your convenience. Also to experience that we do not always have to pay to play a video game. They are free or free-to-play titles that have penetrated deeply into the PC. They have been moved to the consoles progressively.

Best Free PC Games


There is usually a belief that nobody gives you anything for free without asking something in return. In the case of free-to-play games, it is a correct view. As its name indicates, it is a business model and with this, we must understand that the developers and publishers seek the monetization of their games. How do they get it? Following varied models such as fees for premium services or micropayments.

But in essence, a free-to-play game should allow us to play the part of its content without having to go through the box. Another song is the extensions, additional characters or cosmetic elements, which sometimes can only be achieved by paying real money or using virtual currency obtained with our games. The hybrid model, which combines both formulas, is becoming very popular.

Made this difference and taking into account that each free-to-pay experience is a world in terms of business model. We want to dedicate this report to collect the best free PC games. We warn you that the titles that you will discover below do not cover all the free-to-play games existing in the market since the list is extensive. That is why we will keep this report updated in time with all the recommendations that may arise.

Here we show you our Top with the best free PC games classified by genres.


Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment have teamed up to offer a new team action game with really interesting heroes. This is Gigantic, a title that mixes face-to-face confrontations with strategy and tactics. Our mission is to defend our guardians while we exterminate the rival in competitive scenarios in teams formed by five players. Highly recommended if it appeals to you to compete.

League of Legends

We can not start a collection of free PC games, ignoring one of the fundamental licenses in this business model: League of Legends by Riot Games. It is a MOBA-type game that already has more than 100 million players per month on the computer and captivates fans of the genre. Your business model is clear: free access to games with the available champions and pays Riot Points to unlock champions in your account. You can also get, yes, playing games and rising in rank.


In the line of League of Legends and many players, one of the most hardcore games in its genre have Dota 2 from Valve. The free MOBA can be downloaded directly from Steam and has similar gameplay, although somewhat more advanced. It was born from the ashes of a Warcraft mod and has a business model whose micro-payments are more focused on the cosmetic elements designed by the modders through its official market than designs presented by Valve. That, the company takes the commission for each sale, so the business is round.


Another outstanding title within the MOBA universe is SMITE. The proposal developed by HIREZ Studios plays with a similar scheme in its basic approach. But changes the aerial perspective by a third-person view of its heroes, who are set in divine characters. SMITE is a title more focused on third-person action. A proposal with a large number of followers around the world and a strong track record in the world of e-sports.



Paladins: Champions of the Realm is one of the most recent frees to play titles. After several phases of testing, the title of Hi-Rez Studios has managed to reach the status of the final version. Catch the players with their game mechanics. It is a title with 15 million players and faces teams in five against five where each one selects a champion with special abilities.

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