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    Google Allows You To View Saved Videos Without Opening Them

    Google continues to shape its main applications. Now it’s the turn of Google Photos, which a few weeks ago released a new dark mode. Now, the company has improved its gallery because users can identify and view their videos more easily and without opening the file.

    Google Saved Videos

    Google Photos is one of the most used applications in the entire Google ecosystem and not only by Android users. It is a cloud storage service that allows you to save all our photos and videos for free and automatically, being one of the best options to keep our memories safe. They may be able to get decorated for the final version of Android Q, Google continues to improve Photos and now has just added a new function that affects the videos, in the update 4.20 of the application.

    Animated Thumbnails

    When we pass the Google gallery, we can see playback icons in the upper right corner of the thumbnails. The way to identify the videos was that until now. Since Google has enabled the automatic reproduction of the thumbnails when we go through them. This means that we will watch the videos without entering them. Playback will be continuous, that is, you can even watch the full video if we don’t decide to scroll through the gallery. The videos in these thumbnails are played without any sound and are displayed in reverse chronological order.

    These new video thumbnails can be viewed in a compact model and a larger mode, in order to improve the viewing experience. This function is designed to save time when selecting video files, but they could also significantly affect the transmission of data, increasing our monthly expenses. For a long time, the preview of the videos is available in the web version of Google Photos, but they do not play automatically as in Android.

    Android only

    The function is being enabled in version 4.20 of Google Photos. However, for the moment it is only available for users of the application on Android since it has not yet arrived for its version in iOS. So iPhone owners will have then wait a little longer to have the option enabled.