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    Alternatives And Sites Similar to Airbnb

    Some sites are designed for students and teachers, others for those looking to rent or rent properties, homes or apartments that stand out for their design and others for those who do not want to feel discriminated against. Here are the 5 different to get the homes for rent or for lease.

    airbnb alternatives

    The concept of short-term rental (or rent) for apartments or houses, became a worldwide trend, especially for travellers, who sometimes seek to lower costs in relation to more expensive hotels, or in others Live a more personal experience. Therefore, in #Conocedores, we present alternatives and sites similar to Airbnb (or HomeAway), to expand the possibilities. Airbnb is clearly the most popular app, with presence in 81 thousand cities and five million rental ads.

    What Are The Alternatives?

    Sabbatical Homes

    It is specially designed for teachers and students. Sabbatical Homes offers short and medium-term home exchanges in 57 countries. The objective is that low prices are obtained and that the intermediaries establish the rental conditions among themselves.


    Based in the US city of Portland, Vacasa is not as big as Airbnb. It offers just over 11 thousand properties, but there are several differences. Perhaps the most important is that instead of relying on the concept of “sharing,” Vacasa deals with her own employees to keep houses clean and tidy.

    Although Vacasa is not a peer-to-peer home exchange company, it still offers good prices on vacation rentals and offers more consistency than competitors like Airbnb.


    Founded in the summer of 2016 in response to the racism experienced by some people trying to book accommodation on Airbnb, Innclusive is an equal to equal rental platform with an admirable goal: «We are building a place where you can travel with respect, dignity, and love, regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender identity «.

    The constantly growing site ensures that people cannot discriminate when they book accommodation, since they only show photos after reservations have been confirmed, offering instant reservations on almost all listings and preventing hosts from denying a reservation to a guest and offer it to another.

    Boutique Homes

    If architecture and design are as important as relaxation, Boutique Homes could be the ideal place.

    With a highly selective list of properties that stand out by design, Boutique Homes offers spectacular locations and stays in some of the most beautiful places in the world.


    The site, which is now owned by TripAdvisor, is similar to Airbnb but offers a lot of comments and reviews from guests and owners, verified by the staff of WHOIS.

    Biased does not offer shared rooms, but many filters can be used to find the perfect property for dogs, children or the beach.