Apartment Renovation: Start With Buying Building Materials Or Interior Design?

Repair of a three-room apartment should not start with dismantling old wallpaper or buying new tiles. The first stage of high-quality finishing is the development of interior design and an estimate of the cost of work. The designer works with the customer’s budget and selects finishing materials, furniture, and even accessories for the specified amount. All rooms will be united by a single style, but at the same time, each will retain its individuality.

Order a turnkey renovation from us, and we will develop an interior design for your apartment. Is free!

Correct design project

We are used to thinking that a design project is a set of pictures with images of an apartment after renovation. In fact, it should contain not only 3D models of rooms but also technical information intended for builders. It is impossible to make the finish corresponding to the project without drawings and sweeps of electrical wiring, walls, and floors. You can see what a correct project should include or order an examination of a design project from our specialists.

Why do we devote so much time to design? It depends on him whether your renovation will be modern or you just refresh the wallpaper, change the floor and ceiling. Design solutions are always distinguished by a non-standard look at typical apartments. You will get a completely new space. The specialists of our company guarantee that the renovation will look like in the picture, and you will not see the differences between the project and the interior of the apartment after the completion of the renovation work.

Technical condition

Do you already have a design project? Take your time to start repair work. Invite a specialist to inspect the apartment and assess its technical condition. Wiring, sewerage, ventilation, heating – all engineering systems need to be checked for wear. Perhaps something needs to be replaced, and it is better to do this during the renovation work than to dismantle the tiles in the bathroom or remove the wallpaper after a few years due to problems with the wiring. Inspection of the apartment will allow you to estimate the scope of work and make a detailed estimate.

Remember! Correct repair sequence translates into saved money and a guarantee of durability!